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Friday…First Impressions

Good Morning,

It is almost 9:00 a.m central time and I have my makeup on. I have so good and not so good things to say so far, but I will be checking in throughout the day on how everything is working.

Let’s start with the Avon ANEW. I used the day cream and I also used the power serum this morning. I still have to try out the night cream. So I will give a full review of this in the morning. So far I have no complaints or anything I just want to see how it does and do the night time cream before I judge.

Avon Magix Face Perfector- This says you can use with or without makeup and I put it under my foundation this morning. I was iffy if I would like it because I usually use a pore minimizer as a primer. I was shocked when I open the package. The way it felt on the face nice, I have never felt a primer like that. Which it isn’t called a primer it says you can use under your makeup for a smooth surface and that is exactly what it gives you. I have a little left and I am going to use it tomorrow or maybe Sunday under my regular foundation to see how it works with other foundations.

Avon True Color Foundation- I am trying to think of something good to say about this so far, but I don’t think I have anything good to say. The nude shade was the perfect color for me, so I had no problem there. When I opened the sample package the first think I noticed it is a VERY thin foundation. It was like water almost. I applied it with a foundation brush. It was a light coverage and I like a medium/full coverage foundation, so I decided to see if it was buildable. Once I put another layer on, I really had to work at blending it out, I went from using a foundation brush, to using my beauty blender to try to get it smooth. I didn’t have this problem when I first put it on, so I personally wouldn’t try to build it up again. I noticed as a put the rest of my makeup on it started to get patchy in places. I ended up using my Maybelline Face Studio Master Fix translucent powder to set my face and I have never had problems with that powder and I have used it with several different foundations. I am hoping it does not get worse through out the say.

Avon Lipstick- The last new item I tried out today was the Avon lipstick in day lily color. I was unsure about trying this because when I swatched it on my had, I didn’t like the formula. I actually almost forgot to put it on this morning. It is very moisturizing on my lips so far. The only down fall so far is that it does rub off very easily and I do not like that at all.

I will be checking in on my blog throughout the day to let y’all know how everything is holding up and I will try to post a picture with each update for y’all to see.

img_4886 This is right before I started writing this blog post. I decided not to do my brows today and because I am still in my PJs, I still have to do my hair.

UPDATE #1- 12:30 p.m

The foundation did oxidize after I posted this morning, but not to bad. That foundation is still patchy is some spots. The lipstick is completely off. I went and ran some errands and I have ate lunch and there is no lipstick left on my lips.

UPDATE #2- 5:30 p.m

I can officially say this foundation is not long wearing! You can’t even tell that I am wearing foundation at this point. The good thing is my face is smooth because of the face perfector, which I am gonna try again under my regular foundation.

Last Update:

Foundation like I said is a no go. The lipstick you have to reapply it every 2 hours, which to me is a lot, but it does make your lips feel really moisturized, which is a plus. The ANEW there isn’t a negative or a positive about it. I don’t fee the difference on my face.

What products do y’all want a first impression on or what products do y’all think I should try? Comment below to let me know 😊😊

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