First impressions!

I have decided that every Friday I will try out products I have never used before or I haven’t used in a while. This week I was given some samples from a friend that sales Avon. I have personally never have used Avon products. I am curious about the Avon true color foundation and I am also curious about the Avon magix face perfector. This is the Avon true color sample I was given. It is in the color nude. I am hoping it will match my skin tone , I haven’t seen the color in person. If it isn’t my color I will make it work 😊Another product I am going to try is the Anew Ultimate. The sample o was given has a Day and night cream, plus it has a power serum.The Avon face perfector is another one I am excited to try. It says on the back of the sample that you can wear alone or under your foundation. My plan when putting it on tomorrow is wearing it under my foundation and using it as a primer. I was also given the lipstick color Day Lily. I am liking the color, but when I put it on my hand I was unsure if I will like the formula. There is also 2 perfume samples, but I will not sample those. I don’t really like the perfume samples that are rub on from a sample card. In the morning I will try out all these products and I will let y’all know how they perform. I am hoping the foundation last all day and easy to blend. I also hope that the lipstick I will like it better on my lips then I did on my hand. Like I said I am liking the color, but really unsure about the formula.Have any of y’all used any of these products? If so let me know what your thoughts about them are! Just for the record I do not sell Avon!

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