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First Blog Post!!! YAY

I am excited to make my first beauty blog post!! This isn’t my first time blogging though. I use to have a blog what seems like many years back. I am excited to be able to share reviews, tips, tricks, and even different makeup looks with y’all (yes, I said y’all and yes y’all is a word and I will use it).  I want this to be a blog for everyone to come to, to learn something or to just enjoy reading my blog. This isn’t going to be your expensive makeup beauty blog. I can honestly say that 98% of the makeup I wear is drugstore makeup. Do I buy other high end makeup, yes I do, but I do not buy a lot of it (I personally think my husband would have a cow if I did), plus unless I order online I have to drive a hour to get to a makeup store like Ulta.

So What Can You Expect from My Blog?

The truth!! LOL…but honestly when I do a review I will let you know my honest opinion. How it wore, did it blend well, what I liked or what I didn’t like about the product. If I am posting a video or a picture I will try to post what I am using in the video or picture for y’all to know.

Once again I am EXCITED to start this blog for myself and all y’all!

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