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*~*Summer Makeup Tips*~*


Summer is right around the corner…literally, even though it already feels like summer now. In the summer, I know I don’t want to be all dolled up and my makeup just sweat off…all my hard work would be gone, lol. I also don’t want to have a full coverage foundation on every single day, I like to go more natural in the summer. I am here today to share some summer makeup tips with y’all.

* Instead of regular foundation…use a BB Cream

BB Creams are more light weight. I would suggest a BB Cream with SPF in it.

* Instead of Lipstick….use a lip gloss

If you do decide to wear a lipstick wear a summer color like a nude, pink, or do a coral. Summer is the time I mainly use lip gloss daily. I will only do a lipstick unless I am going somewhere special.

* Do away with the Dark Smokey Eye

It’s the summer, if you do a smokey eye make it colorful. I usually just do a cream eyeshadow on my eye or I do a light natural look on my eyes.

* If you are doing a no makeup day…REMEMBER to still put on SPF

I cannot stress this enough. You always need to wear SPF outside. If I am wearing a product that doesn’t have a SPF, I will put it under my makeup. I have a couple of products I do use (**Protecting Your Skin**).

* Nail Polish, do bright colors, summer colors…do away with the dark colors

There are some pretty summer colors out there for nails. I never wear dark nails during the summer.

What are some tips y’all have for the summer?

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~* Latest in Lips….Walmart beauty*~


I hope everyone had a great weekend. This is the last week of school here this week. Well, they go 4 days and Friday we go and pick up their report cards. I am planning a special day for my son Friday. We are going to have a mom and son day.

This weekend when I was in Wal-Mart I noticed their beauty boxes they had out went on sale. They were $9.88, but they had them on clearance for $7. I decided to pick up the Latest in Lips one. They have a highlighter one, a hair one, and I wanna say a skincare one. I may go back and get the others because they had a lot left.

As you can see everything is full size, minus the L’Oreal Infallible Matte Gloss. It says on the box it is a $38 value, so for $7 bucks, I am winning on this one. It contains¬† different lip products and it has the theme Nude Attitude.

It contains:

  • Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme

  • Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

  • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

  • Hard Candy Plumping Lip Gloss

  • L’Oreal Infallible Matte Gloss

  • ELF Lip Exfoliator

If y’all see these at y’alls Wal-Mart, I would recommend grabbing this box, it is well worth the money. I haven’t used some of the products in here before, but I will be putting them to the test very soon.

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~*~ Physicians Formula: Butter Collection Palette…Limited Edition~*~

Hey Y’ALL!!

Happy Sunday to everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather here cannot make up it’s mind. One minute it is raining the next it isn’t. Rain is in the forecast in the morning, then wake up and it changes throughout the day. I feel that we just skipped Spring because when it isn’t raining, it is so hot already. This week here in my lil ole town in Tennessee, is the last week of school and the kiddos are on summer break.

It took me forever to find this Physicians Formula Limited Edition palette. When they say Limited Edition….they really mean limited edition. They sold out online quickly and the only other place to get it is Walmart. At my Walmart they only had 1 end cap of these and they were going fast. Today they only had 2 left. I am hoping I am not to late making this post for y’all to go out and find it.

Price: $11.88 @ Wal-Mart

If you love the butter bronzer they have, this limited edition palette is a must have. This includes a butter bronzer, a blush, and 2 highlights. The medium/dark palette has their darker bronzer and has a darker blush, they both have the same highlights.¬† They finally bottled that great smell up…if you have used the butter bronzer you will know exactly the smell I am talking about. I am hoping they start selling the perfume now…hoping it just isn’t limited edition.

I think the best thing about this is the price. Physicians Formula isn’t cheap and for $11.88 @ Wal-mart, you can’t buy their butter bronzer for that price. Like I said this is a must have if you love Physicians Formula. I am hoping y’all can find it in stores.

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~*May Sephora Play Box*~


Happy Saturday!! Everyone enjoy your weekend!

I got my Sephora Play beauty box in the mail this week! I am blah about it, isn’t my favorite box of products I have gotten. This is my second month of getting Sephora Play and last month I was more excited to try out the products I got in the box. Each month Sephora Play has a box theme and this month it was Then Vs. Now. This month marked 2 years for Sephora Play.


~ Mark Jacob’s Beauty Mascara ~

This is one of the samples I am excited about. I have never tried any Marc Jacobs products. The wand on the mascara though does remind me of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara wand.

~ Benefit Cosmetics: Pore Professional ~

I have actually tried this primer before and I liked it. This is a bigger sample than what I had before. I should get a week use out of this tube, which is a bigger sample than I had before.

~ DryBar Dry Shampoo ~

I don’t use dry shampoo a lot because I do not like how it makes my hair feel. I will try this one out though and see how I like it, but I don’t like dry shampoo in general.

~ Kat Von D: Tattoo Eyeliner ~

Here lately I haven’t been wearing a lot of eyeliners. I haven’t tried Kat Von D’s eyeliners, so this is another product I am excited to test out.

~ Sephora Mud Mask ~

I love trying out new mask. I think out of all the products in this month’s box this one I am most excited about. I have been waiting to take pictures for my blog to actually use this product. This product does smell, hoping it doesn’t smell bad after I out it on my face.

This Month’s Bonus Product…..

~ YVES Saint Laurent: Black Opium ~

I took this out of the package to take pictures and then I tried to open it and I couldn’t get it open. Then I noticed on the paper it says: Hint: Crack the Vial…..I really felt stupid. I still haven’t tried to open it again. Hoping it smells good, but it says it is a high – energy coffee, seductive vanilla, and sweet wile flower. I guess we shall see.

I am hoping that next month there is more products I am excited about…this one I am like blah, minus on certain products.

If y’all get the Sephora Play box, what was y’alls favorite products this month. What are y’alls thoughts on this months box?

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*~*Self Tanning Gone Wrong*~*


Happy Friday everyone!! I hope everyone has had a great week, hopefully everyone has something planned for the weekend. I am currently sitting here waiting to see if our softball game is going to be called off. It has rained most of the week and it rained earlier today. If it is I should be finding out anytime now.

It is almost summer time and I wanted to get my summer glow. I am Casper white. I decided this year I want to try to self tan because I hate going to the tanning bed because it is bad for your skin and I am not a fan of a spray tan. I researched drug store self tanner because I wanted to see what works in drugstore before buying something expensive. After researching I decided to go with Jergens Natural Glow: Wet Skin Moisturizer. You are suppose to use it as a daily moisturizer when you are still in the shower and the pat dry when you are out of the shower. It is suppose to build up after a week to give you that natural glow.

~Jergens Natural Glow~

Price: $8.64 @ Wal-Mart (Plus they have save $1.50 coupon on it)


The first couple of days of using this I liked it. I was only putting it on my legs and arms to see how it worked. It was slowly building up to the color I wanted. Well the 3rd day of using this, I woke up and when I got dressed I noticed that I had a line on the side of my leg. It looked like were the water ran down my leg after I applied it the night before. It is suppose to be a wet skin moisturizer, so I didn’t quite understand why it would leave a line. I did nothing different from the first 2 nights. Well, I decided on the 4th night that I was going to dry off a lil before applying it because of the water line it left going down my leg the day before….OMG this was worse. It made me look dirty. in places it looked like I was just playing in dirt all day. Even my husband pointed it out that I looked dirty, so drying off a lil before applying it was not a great idea.


I tried to take a picture for y’all to see this water line. It was awful. The first couple of days, I was like yes it is going to work and then it was a complete fail. I would pass of this self tanner.

Today when I was at Wal-Mart, I got the Jergens Daily Moisturizer that isn’t a wet skin moisturizer. This product has great review and the wet skin worked great for the first couple of days, so I decided I would try to see if it works. Once I have tested it out for a week or so I will let y’all know how it works.

What self tanner products do y’all use and what self tanner products do y’all recommend?

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*~May 17th PCOS Advocacy Day~*


Today I want to be a little bit more serious on my blog and talk about something that I deal with every single day and many others deal with it, but they deal with it quietly. I am hear to let y’all know y’all aren’t alone.

~My Story~

I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. I have always had cyst problems, the pain, no period, etc. I felt like something was wrong with me because my pain was getting worse and my mood….well I had mood swings, I felt like I couldn’t handle. I was also putting on weight that I couldn’t lose no matter how hard I tried. Before the doctor told me about PCOS, I had no idea what it was. I have never heard of it before and honestly it crushed me. I felt like my womanhood was ripped away. Even though my husband and I are happy not having anymore kids, it crushed me knowing if I wanted to get pregnant. It would be harder to get pregnant and most women with PCOS miscarry and I know me I am not strong enough to deal with something like that. Not only that I had to change my diet because of being insulin resistant. That scared me like no other. I don’t want to become diabetic. Heck, honestly I would never be able to poke my own finger or give myself a shot. I have a fear of needles (I go into a panic attack at times, knowing I am going to have to get poked with a needle). I was glad that there was ways to make my pain stop though. Go back on birth control and I started on Metformin. I was doing great with my diet and taking my meds and then when I was up for my blood work again, my fasting insulin number went up. I lost weight and everything and still it wasn’t good enough. Today, I don’t take Metformin anymore. After I had my stomach surgery in August, I just stopped taking it, which I probably need to start again and I need to go back to the GYN.

~What is PCOS~

PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a hormone imbalance that affects 1 in 10 women, yes very shocking. There are women out there they don’t know they have it and some that do know, keep quiet about it.

~About PCOS~

  • Causes hair growth in places were women shouldn’t being having excess hair growth at.
  • Leading cause for infertility in women.
  • 1 in 10 women are living with PCOS.
  • PCOS is Genetic and even man can carry the gene for it.
  • It can be treated, but not cured.
  • PCOS causes hair loss.
  • Mood swings out of the blue, for not reason at all.
  • Causes tiredness
  • Irregular periods, sometimes months and months without one and then bam it hits and you are doubled over in pain.
  • Very painful
  • Causes other health problems: High Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, Obesity, infertility, insomnia,¬† anxiety, depression, etc

I could go on and on about PCOS and how it affects women. Remember this next time: when you ask a woman about when she is going to have a baby, she could be battling with PCOS, before you call someone fat or think they are lazy, she could be battling with PCOS, before you get upset with someone that is moody, remember she could be battling with PCOS. Before you make fun of the woman with a mustache, remember she could be battling with PCOS. PCOS is an illness that cannot be cured. It needs more awareness brought to it.

To the women out there that is battling with PCOS….PLEASE remember…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Thanks for reading,



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*~*What is your Zodiac Sign??*~*


I hope everyone is doing well! It is Hump Day, I think we all can get over the hump day of the week to make it to the weekend.

Y’all may be confused about the title and thinking, what could this post be about?? Well…it is another eyeshadow palette review. Of course, I have a weakness for eyeshadows, y’all should know that by now, lol.

~*BH Cosmetic: Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette*~

Price: $21.99

This palette has been out for awhile, but because I own 3 other BH Cosmetic baked eyeshadow palettes, at the time I didn’t think I needed this. Well, of course I gave it. I bought this back in March and I have been playing with it every since. I just haven’t gotten around doing my review on this palette.

I LOVE this palette, you can do so many looks with it. It has 25 eyeshadow colors and it has one highlighter. It has baked eyeshadows, plus it has mattes to go with the baked eyeshadows. You can do a complete eye look with this palette. The downside is, the size. It is so big, it isn’t travel friendly. Plus, the mirror is really tiny on it. I would highly recommend this palette. I think the Zodiac palette is a must have in anyone’s eyeshadow collection.


I also love the colors in this palette. They blend so well with each other. I like that you can mix and match different colors in this palette. I have never wore the highlight, as an highlight, but I do wear it as an inner corner highlight on my eyes.

Have y’all seen this palette before? What are y’alls thoughts on this palette?

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~*~Goal Update~*~

Hey Y’all

Can y’all believe we are already half way through this month. I can’t!!! It is flying by for me. This whole year is flying by like crazy.

Because it is 1/2 way through this month I wanted to give y’all a goal update on how I am doing with this months goals.

~Monthly Goals~

1. 100 Followers on my blog!

I am at 77 followers right now on my blog (this is not counting email followers). I am getting there. I have a couple of more weeks left to get to my 100. Please share my blog with your family and friends. It would be greatly appreciated.

2. Daily Devotion Every Night!

I am happy to say that I have done my daily devotion every single night. I have even started a daily devotion journal to write down the things that stand out to me. I use an app and I have been focusing on my parenting and my marriage when it comes to daily devotion. I am very proud of myself. I have already finished 2 plans and I just started new daily devotion plans a couple of days ago.

3. Walk 125 Miles this Month

This one I haven’t done so good on. I am close to the 1/2 point, but I am not quiet there. There has been some days where I have just been lazy. When I have those lazy days, I try to make it up the next day, but it doesn’t always happen like that. I am VERY determine to achieve this goal this month!

4. Work on Myself

I am doing great with this goal also. I have been taking time to myself every week. I take a nice hot bath and just listen to music and relax. I also take some time to myself every night to relax and clear my mind from that day. I wish I could lose weight though. I struggle with losing weight. If y’all have any suggestions please let me know.

5. No Sodas

This is by far the hardest. We went to the movies the other day and I was like, I want a Dr. Pepper, I almost broke, but I got my a bottle of water instead. I have done this before years ago, plus when I had stomach surgery back in August I had to go without soda, which was ease then because it was for a medical reason. I struggle with this daily, I crave either a Dr. Pepper or a Diet Mt. Dew, it is just crazy.

I am still working daily on all of my goals. I am doing great with some and not so great with others. I am going to continue busting my butt on getting my 125 miles this month.

How are y’all coming along with y’alls goals? What goals are y’all struggling on this month?

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*~Lipstick Regret~*


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, had a great Mother’s Day, and your Monday going awesome. I had the best Mother’s Day, my son went shopping by himself and picked out everything….I must say he knows his mama. My husband cooked me a steak dinner and took me to the movies!

Last week I hit Walgreens, I do this once every 2 weeks to see their orange tag stuff and I ended up picking up some lipstick that was on clearance.

*Rimmel The Only On Matte Lipstick*

Price: $7.49 @ Walgreens

Sale Price: $3.29 each and it was BUy 1 Get 1 50% off


I was shocked that they had such pretty colors on clearance. Not all the colors were on clearance. When I first put this lipstick on, I was like YES…I love this lipstick and then it went downhill. It went on perfect, goes great with the Rimmel lip liners I have and wore a long time. On the first day I wore this, it started getting flaky later in the afternoon, so I thought tomorrow I will use a lip scrub. The next day, again, I was like I love this lipstick, but in the afternoon it started to flake again. I figured I would reapply some to see if that would help….Y’all it made it so much worse. I even noticed when I took a drink of something that is when it would start flaking more and more. I lipstick that was perfect at first, isn’t that perfect after you wear it.

Have y’all used this lipstick? If so did y’all have the same problems?

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~*~Happy Mother’s Day~*~

Hey Y’ALL!!

Happy Sunday!! It is the beginning of the week and we all should be starting it out right….Celebrating our Mother’s!

I hope everyone is going to be enjoying their day spending time with their family. Reminder to let your mother know how much she means to you and how much you love her today. Today is her day.

I want to wish all of my readers and followers out there Happy Mother’s Day and I hope everyone of y’all are having a great day.


Have a very blessed day,